1,572 Applications From Nigerians Since Hilda Baci Stole The Headlines – GWR

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Hilda Baci has become a phenomenal since breaking the record previously held by India's Lata Tondon.

More Africans should follow the footsteps of Nigerians, GWR said

London, July 21 (Mediaage NG) – Guinness World Record (GWR) Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday has revealed that his organisation has received 1,572 applications from Nigerians for record attempts since chef Hilda Baci hit the headlines last May.

Record breaking has become a trend in Nigeria and the record breaking body is encouraging more Africans to follow the footsteps of Nigerians when it comes to trying to break records.

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This became something of a mania since chef Hilda Baci was acknowledged for breaking the previous record held by India’s Lata Tondon when she (Hilda) went on a four-day cook-a-thon in May and was recognised by GWR.

Although, GWR came up with a warning that people must register their efforts first and follow the rules.
People have been crying non-stop, massaging non-stop and frying huge amounts of snails, among other things – all in an effort to get recognition.

“I really like it when people are passionate about record-breaking,” Mr Glenday said.
“We definitely want to see more people from Africa generally setting records – it’s a good thing.”
But he added that GWR wants to be notified first so they can assess the record attempt and see if it is measurable and establish the rules.

Mr Glenday said 95% of record attempts get rejected.

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