ACReSAL Task Team Lead Calls for Hydrological Assessment to Cushion Flooding in Benue State

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Dr. Joy Agene

Dr. Joy Iganya Agene, a Senior Environment Specialist at the World Bank, Nigerian Office, and Task Team Leader for the ACReSAL Project, has expressed concerns about the geological situation in Zone C of Benue state. She recommended “conducting a hydrological assessment of the area to explore its groundwater potential”.

Speaking during the ongoing joint World Bank/Federal Government of Nigeria Hybrid Implementation Support Mission for the ACReSAL Project in Benue state, Dr. Agene emphasized the need for an integrated policy on Environment, Water Resources, Climate Change, and Agriculture to ensure the project’s sustainability. She commended the state government for its efforts so far and requested an update on the gazettes of parks in the state.

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Regarding riparian areas, she highlighted the need for intervention around the River Benue to mitigate the impact of flooding, which has destroyed livelihoods and claimed lives. She noted that Benue state should develop activities to protect people living in flood-prone areas, as the ACReSAL Project aims to reclaim at least 50,000 hectares of riparian areas, with the state targeting 20,000 hectares.

The National Project Coordinator for the ACReSAL project, Mr. Abudulhamid Umar emphasized the importance of sustainability plans for investments like tractors. He expressed gratitude to the Benue state government for its support and participation in the project.

Hon. Odoh Ugwu, the State’s Commissioner for Water Resources, Environment, and Climate Change, welcomed the mission team and appealed for their support in addressing issues beneficial to the state and the entire Northern region. He assured the team of the government’s commitment to ensuring the project’s continuity and sustainability.

Other speakers, including Mr. Lawal from the Federal Ministry of Finance, emphasized the need for continuity and sustainability of investments, timely repayment of Community Resolving Fund (CRF) loans.

The ACReSAL State Project Coordinator highlighted the state government’s efforts, including the payment of 1 billion naira in counterpart funds. He noted the provision of 50 solar-powered boreholes to communities under the ACReSAL Project amongst other achievements so far.

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