Enugu State Ban Use of Vehicle Tinted Glasses

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Enugu - August 08 (Mediaage NG News) – The unlicensed use of tinted car glasses has been banned by authorities in Nigeria’s south-eastern state of Enugu. This is a bid to curb criminal activities.

Owners of vehicles with tinted glasses in the state have until 4 September to obtain permits from the Nigerian police, as the authorities have said they will impound vehicles in default and fine their owners, according to state official, Prof Chidiebere Onyia in a statement.

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The Nigerian police stopped the issuance of permits for tinted vehicles across the country in 2021, following complaints of people using fake licences and police harassing car owners.The directive came as the government sought to develop a new protocol for issuing the permits. It however exempted vehicles with factory-fitted tinted glass.

The use of tinted vehicles is prevalent in Enugu, including by criminals who use the vehicles to commit crimes like robbery and kidnapping.The ban has been welcomed by some vehicle dealers in the state.

According to the BBC Newsday Programme, Collins P, the owner of Chinweuba Automobile company, said criminals cover their vehicle glasses with tinted film from unauthorised vendors, making it easy for them to commit crime.

“If you want to have your car tinted, you need to have a permit, you take your car to the police. If the tinted glass is factory-fitted, they will issue you a licence and will have your data so that if in case anything happens tomorrow, they can call you for questioning”, he said.

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