Famall Nigeria Marks One Year Anniversary

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Prize items ranging from mobile phones, house and kitchen accessories, including cars were won at the event.

Abuja, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – Leading daily consumables and supplements product company, Famall International, held its one year Nigeria anniversary on Saturday, in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

In an event that witnessed numerous prizes won, including luxury cars, through raffle tickets, was aimed at creating more awareness of its products to the Nigerian public.

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Famall, offering high-quality and innovative health products for holistic well-being and optimal performance, brought together old and new members in a celebration that had more inquest into the over 2000 products it has.

Mrs. Rita Abalaka, owner of Service Centre Distributor said the company has gone into using biotech in producing natural products. Describing herself as one who has used almost all the products which qualifies her to speak better on what they offer, said the company did wholistic researches in bringing out products that build the human body alkaline, making it reenergize itself.

“I’m in a better position to talk about these products because I’ve used them all, she said. Famall products are organic. The products go in and clean your system, including your brain, liver, kidney, everything to make you healthy”, she added.

She spoke about the Aleo Vera Gel and said it fights against sugar issues, “it controls sugar effect in the body and has been working for me”, she enthused.

One of the company’s products, Green oil she said deals with all body inflammations or high blood pressure. According to her, the green oil goes right into the body system to make it healthy.

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Showing off her long hairs, she enumerated more on products like the Tornol which makes the hair grow longer, including the Aloe Vera gel with sheer butter and coconut oil that add more nutrients to the hair and makes it strong.

“I am heading towards 60 years but, Famall products keeps making me look younger”, she also said.

There were other many products on show that inckude the Famall panty liner helps to avoid cervical and prostrate cancer and is good for the men and women. It also keeps the body away from infection.

Famall’s frying pan when used, keeps the body away from bad cholesterol and with it on a fire, a meal can be made without oil, according to Mrs. Abalaka. “You can steam your vegetables and they will remain the way there are”, she spoke amongst other numerous products she mentioned.

Barrister Mispa Awasum, a Cameroonian at the event said Famall is one of the surest ways to be self reliant, even in the midst of the harsh times experienced today.

She revealed that the company, different from Ponzi schemes, enables one to get paid, even while using its products

“The economy today looks to be harsh and it might get worse than what we are experiencing”, in her words.

MediaageNG Famall Nigeria Marks One Year Anniversary Abuja, Nigeria - Mediaage NG News - Leading daily consumables and supplements product company, Famall International, held its one year Nigeria anniversary on Saturday, in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.
barrister Mispa Awasum

“How can we tackle the future? You can actually consume the products, from your hair, beauty, kitchen and you bedroom, and still get paid by Famall.

“This business is all about levels. When you join newly, you become a member distributor or a member consumer and that’s how your growth in the business starts. A lot of men and women have put in money, invested their energy and have gotten their rewards, which makes Famall very generous.

“That’s why we are here to acknowledge all the men and women that have done marvellously well to be where they are today in Famall”, Barrister Awasum stated.

Nwaneri Chi-Chi, from Auchi, Edo State, spoke of the Ganoderma product which revives every ailing or dead organ in the body.

Chi-Chi who admitted she keeps getting positive results from those introduced to the products by her, said they build the body, resulting in increased insulin on its own. “It’s no joke”, she said.

Amongst other products, she spoke of the Carotene Eye Relief Capsule that contains pure carotin, making any eye problems fade out. She gave an example of someone that called to say a confirmed glaucoma problem has gone. The product also helps against migraine headache.

“When you are stressed and having severe headache, take our eye relief capsule, drink lots water and sleep. When you are up, you will ask where’s that headache?” she pointed out.

Chi-Chi further highlighted more on other products like the pressure cooking pots, alkaline flask, energy slippers and pads.

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