Group Calls For Improved Safety Of Human Lives

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A coalition for civil society organisations has asked the Nigerian government to meet its constitutional duty of ensuring the safety and well-being of lives.

This was revealed by human rights activists, Chidi Anselm Odinkalu and the Executive Director, Global Rights, Abiodun Baiyewu in a statement co-signed by both.

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“Nigeria has faced escalating insecurity, ranking among the most insecured countries globally. Since the last National Day of Mourning in 2023, over 4400 lives have been lost and more than 4300 individuals abducted in various incidents of violence across the nation, the statement said, in observance of the 7th national day of mourning for victims of mass atrocities.

“These atrocities have not only infringed on the fundamental rights to life and dignity, but have instilled fear and uncertainty among the populace, impacting social cohesion, the economy, public health, and education”, it also added.

The annual National Day of Mourning serves as a citizen-led initiative to honor the victims of mass atrocities and demand justice for their death.

The statement also stated that the north central region has witnessed the highest number of fatalities, followed by the North West and North East, with significant casualties attributed to terror attacks, communal clashes, and insurgent activities. The Southeast and South South regions have also experienced a surge in violence, primarily due to secessionist activities, cult clashes, and militia attacks.

The coalition expressed concern over levels of impunity enjoyed by armed groups, as well as extra judicial killings by state security actors, with little to no accountability for heinous acts.

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“The government’s failure to address these security challenges has not only resulted in loss of lives but has exacerbated food insecurity, economic hardships, and educational disruptions, with hundreds of students among the abducted”, the statement further said.

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