I Was Chosen Based On Integrity, Transparency And Level Of Exposure

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Femi David Adewole

Femi Adewoye has over 24 years’ work experience in IT, Consultancy and the Financial Service Industry, including Ceetie Computers, Aggy Computers, Mainbridge (MBNet) Computer Networks, Haggins and Frames Consults, Prentas Techno-Economic Consulting Ltd, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Success Educational Services and ASO Savings and Loans Plc before being seconded to Union Homes Savings and Loans Plc in 2022 as the current Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the bank. Before commencing his career in the Financial Service Industry, Femi had a stint in Schmitt Automations and Firmament Technology Ltd where he was saddled with responsibilities as a System Analyst/Programmer, Database Administrator, and Recovery/ Faculty Manager amongst others. Through this, he was involved in many key projects as team leads including the 2003-2005 NEPA world Bank project resuscitation of Energy Meters and Transformers in 18 states of the Federation. Recently, he is one of the few expected to be awarded with honorary doctorate degree as well as granted Fellowship by the Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies (IAMPS) organized by Prowess University, Delaware, United States and hosted by the University of Abuja, Nigeria. While speaking with us on a phone interview, he unfolds why he thought was considered for the stated honors which will feature in few days’ time. Excerpts:

Can we meet you?

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My name is Femi David Adewoye, married, with five children. I got a BSC Degree in Computer Science from the University of Ilorin, I also had my Master’s in Business Administration from same university. I’m also a certified Oracle Database Administrator.

Currently, I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Union Homes Savings and Loans PLC. Primarily, I’m one of the staff of ASO Savings and Loans Plc which is a national leader in Mortgage Industry in Nigeria. Prior to becoming the COO of Union Homes, I was the Group Head, Operations and Technology in ASO Savings, saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the operation and technology of the institution is stable, utilized and effectively using the right technology to drive the business of the bank, amongst others. In the same vein, I am the Data Controller of the institution ensuring NDPR i.e Nigerian Data Protection and Regulations are adhered to.

How Did The Induction Come About From Prowess University?

I want to believe it’s just a recommendation, I did not apply. I only got a letter stating that based on my integrity, transparency, value and level of exposure, I’m one of the persons to be honoured with a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration. The institute coordinating this also carried out an interview, looking at my pedigree, resume and what we have actually achieved. I call it a double honour because, there’s also a fellowship in addition to this.

The letter I received from the University says “you have been singled out as a proponent of peace, security, transparency and accountability, humanitarian and transformational leadership. A firm believer of selfless services to humanity, you have been identified by our investigative team and confirmed as an opinion holder across the country as a beacon of hope to the underprivileged in the society”.

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So, I want to believe that there were some background checks that the institute had carried out to count me worthy to be among the persons that will be awarded.

What Other Fellowships Have You Had And What Are Things You’ve Done That Merit Them?

To the Glory of God, as a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria(CIBN), I’m also a Fellowship holder with the Institute of Credit Administration of Nigeria (FICA), also, a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants (FIMC) and lastly, a Fellow Institute of Management Specialists (FIMS) which is affiliated with the institute of Management Specialist, United Kingdom.

Basically, God has been assisting and I’m contributing my little quota and ensuring that wherever I find myself, I can contribute to move the institute and the society at large forward.

The Fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration, we all know that every financial institution, be it commercial banks, primary mortgage bank and even microfinance banks give credit facilities. This is very prevalent in developed nations where most transactions are done via credit administrations. In this capacity, all that is true or right, one way or the other, revolves around credit administration – what are the things you do? Places where I worked and my present place of employment, we give out credits. How do you administer the credit? How did you ensure that right from the level of request up to disbursement, you were able to manage the risks, following the procedures from the beginning to the end? It covers quite a lot.

Then, you look at the Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, I use to work with some consulting firms in different capacities, IT, Consults, Management Consults, before joining the banking industry. I’ve been able to attend seminars and conferences on what consultants are meant to do, especially the due diligence that must be followed. If you were shortlisted as a consultant for an institution, what are the basic things you need to adhere to? How do you portray yourself? What are the ethics you must exhibit? These are some of the traits you must embolden to be considered a Fellow of an institute.

What Words Do You Have For Prowess University And More Importantly, the Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies?

They’ve done a good job in narrowing down the selection of some set of persons, which I’m also part of. They should also go a long way in supporting and carrying out their due diligence and I know that we will continue to support institutions and people in several ways. And, the institute, which is Arts Management and Professional Studies, I know them to be thorough and the pedigree of persons that governing the institution are people with impeccable characters.

My word of encouragement is that they should be transparent in all they do. They should ensure that members of the institute are of good reputation. The fact that I’ve also been chosen, I will ensure that in my capacity, I will contribute my quota to advance the institution.

The Institute i.e IAMPS has international accreditations and recognitions such as: International Standard Organization (ISO), Euro-American Joint Accreditation Services (EAJAS), Recognition Accreditation and Charter Council (RACC), World Safety Organization (WSO), Chartered Institute of Arts Management & Professionals, USA (CIAP), and The National Association of Public Health Practitioners Council of Nigeria (NAPHPCN).

Thank you for your time.

It’s my pleasure.

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