ITPO, UNIDO To Help West African SMEs Compete With The Best Globally

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Abimbola Olufore

Abuja, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – Head, Investment and Technology Promotion Office (ITPO) of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), Abimbola Olufore has assured SMEs that the body is intent on helping businesses across West Africa develop and compete with the best globally.

She also said that ITPO is aiding women and men to critically look at their businesses and utilise the different kinds of technology in finding solutions to target markets.

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Olufore was among the speakers who made presentations at the just concluded three day conference organised in Abuja by the Nigerian Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME) for SMEs and innovators.

She wants small business owners to understand that it is imperative to know what market they need to target, what technology to utilise and how to take advantage of what they are currently doing that is competitive enough.

We are helping businesses in Nigeria and West Africa to take opportunities or liberalisation of the market under the AfCFTA”, she stated.

‘We ensure that investment protocols have been passed on the continental scale, and ensure that we have impacted the minds of our entrepreneurs to look beyond the shores of Nigeria or West Africa because, there’s nothing you do today that cannot be applied at the global level.

“We can see how SMEs can collaborate to get the right kind of funding that will create regional value chain and be part of global value chain. There might be businesses in the western world that may need your services or products”, Olufore added.

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She advised that small businesses should aspire for the right quality in matching Best International Standards, while striving to make their products or services visible, as they seek for business support.

ITPO, UNIDO, she said will always provide the support to make their dreams a reality. “How do we ensure that you are plugged into technology? She asked.

“Where there are demands, you are aware of what is required to be in a solution space.

“We support dreams but, we believe in dreams. Without dreams, there would be no reality manifested as solutions today. So, wherever you find a challenge, is a business opportunity for you. Even when you want to start or scale up a business, know that there are many people doing the same thing.

“When you come to Investment and Technology Promotion, we are looking at what is happening outside and around our local premises that will actually help to improve our quality and quantity output so that we can increase your profit margins and help you gain more fulfillment from your business.

“The world is your platform, not just what you are doing currently. Think global in terms of your services, as well as the financing you can get”, Olufore concluded.

The event had in attendance other SMEs across West African states like the Ivory Coast, Benin Republic and Togo.

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