Living Faith Church: Walking In Dominion Over Sickness and Disease

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Living Faith Church, Goshen.

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Media and Creativity Unit.

Week 03 for the Month of August,
First Service, Sunday 20th August, 2023
Teaching Series: Walking In Dominion Over Sicknesses and Disease,
Prophectic Focus For The Month: I Will Restore Health Unto You,
Covenant Family Day/Special Anointing Service,
Preacher, Teacher: Pastor Yinka Folorunsho
Living Faith Church, Goshen.

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NB. Kindly note that these are typing made while the Servant of God was preaching, teaching. Kindly read, understand, share and help spread the Word.

Give God praise for the expectations of His blessings, thank Him for His blessings upon your life and your family in Jesus name.

Today, every blessing declared on your family shall receive speedy fulfillment in Jesus name. Every siege of the enemy ravaging your family shall cease today, God is giving you a new day.

Father, You have called us and we have come, let Your Word go forth and speedily this morning and fulfil its purpose in Jesus name.

I welcome you this morning to Our Covenant Family Day, eveey family will have an encounter with God.

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All through this month, sickness will be far from you. There will be powerful visitation of God’s Word in the lives of our youth during their mountain of encounter where giants will be raised. Powerful Words will be coming out from our Youth Alive Convention.

We have established that this end time, the church is ordained to walk in dominion over sickness and disease – Psalms 110:01-03 – the weapons of our warfare, even when they are not tangible, are powerful, generating strange testimonies – 1 Corinthians 10:04. I decree every issue of shame around your life is terminated in Jesus name.

We are going to be humiliating the plans of the enemies over your life through the weapons God has given us – the anointing oil and holy communion.

Behind Every Sickness, There’s a Spirit and They Include:

  1. The spirit of whoredome which is behind all sexually transmitted diseases, driving over impurities – Hosea 05:04 – Demonic craving for sexual activities. These are satanic afflictions from the devil. They encourage homosexuality, lesbianism and sleeping with animals – 1 Corinthians 06:18-20 – Glorify God with your body instead, don’t let the devil push you to immoralities, sexual afflictions.

The mission of these sicknesses is to destroy great destinies. So, stop the sin before it stops or destroys your destiny. Don’t wait for the devil to get you there, your destiny is too precious to let the him destroy.

  1. The spirit of heaviness – Isaiah 61:03 – being sorrowful for no reason. That’s the reason for mood swings out of nothing. It leads people to depression and isolation doing nothing and allowing the devil to start working on their minds with negative words. That’s what pushes people to drunkenness and drugs. The devil takes one into depression to have the power to oppress the person. When that spirit of heaviness comes, the spiritman is broken – Proverbs 17:22.

How Does The Anointing Oil Empowers Us Over Sicknesses and Diseases?
The Anointing Oil empowers us to live in dominion. It’s not a religious activity but spiritually ordained for all generations – Exodus 30:30-31 – It’s a trangenerational mystery which translate to us – Galatians 03:29 and the spirit in the oil is what raised Jesus Christ from the dead. Once the oil is blessed, it stops from being an oil to a Holy Anointing Oil.

  1. The quickening Spirit of God dwells in the anointing oil. It empowers us against sickness and disease, giving us wholesomeness – 1 Samuel 16:13 – the Spirit of the Lord at work is what is in the anointing oil – Isaiah 59:19 – the Anointing Oil resuscitates our health.
  2. The Anointing Oil carries the healing power of God – Mark 06:07, 12-13, James 05:14-15 – when asked to receive the Anointing Oil, know that you are getting the anointing power of God, don’t wait for hands to be laid on you.
  3. The Spirit of the Lord that destroys yokes – Isaiah 10:27 – yokes of adultery, fornication, drinking, sickness, marital disappointments, today they are all broken by the Anointing Oil today.
  4. The Spirit of God that sets the captives free – 1 Samuel 16:13, Luke 04:18 – the Word of God is the most authentic – John 08:32-36.
  5. The Anointing Oil of God exempts us from all evils – Ezekiel 09:06, Psalms 105:15, Ephesians 01:13 – The anointing oil puts a seal on you by the Blood.
  6. The Anointing Oil is the mystery of the fan and fire that destroys sickness and diseases – Matthew 03:11-12 – the Holy Ghost is called fire.

Our Covenant Family Day.

It’s a day all our families will be blessed – Genesis 01:28 – God’s ordination is for families to enjoy blessings. When we gave our lives to Jesus Christ, our lineage changes from sickness and disease, and untimely death – 2 Corinthians 05 17, Ephesians 02:19, John 01:12 – Sickness is not part of our inheritance.

Therefore, every generational curse is not part of us – Galatians 03:12-14 – Jesus Christ died on the cross so we can have access to our blessings – Numbers 23:23 – our God is a family loving Father, the Author of all institutions, including the family, marriages, upon which He pronunces blessings – Genesis 01:28 – Wherever there’s blessings, no curse does not exist – Numbers 23:08 – When God blesses, struggles are over – Proverbs 10:22.

Form the scriptures, we saw how Noah’s blessings got to his family, even Abraham, Joseph, and Esther as a one man army of God. God is raising you today as another Joseph. Through you, prosperity is entering your family.
How Do We Secure The Blessings of God In Our Families?

  1. Recognise that God wants your household saved, it should be your priority – Acts 10:24-25, 16:30-33.
  2. We must take the position of the Josephs and Esthers of our families – Genesis 45:05-07 – don’t let your family members perish – Esther 04:014.
  3. Stand in the gap for your family members in prayers – 1 Timothy 02:01-04.
  4. We must plead for God’s mercies over our families – Exodus 20:03-05, Psalms 16:04 .
  5. Enter into a covenant to serve God with your family to bring an end to the siege in your lives, invest in your family. Do everything in your family to serve God – 2 Chronicles 15:14-15.
  6. Believe in your prophets – Hosea 12:13, Matthew 10:41 – be conscious, stay under the cover that God has sent to you

Today marks the end of misfortunes in your family in Jesus name.

Call to Salvation.

Until Jesus Christ is at the centre of your life, the centre can never hold. It will be a great joy to give your life to God now. Have you backslided? Return to Jesus Christ now. If you don’t know what it means to be born again, give your life to God now.

Say ‘Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you today, I realise I’m a sinner, my heart is open. Come into my life now and get me saved in Jesus name, Amen’.

Let’s remember to follow all our new converts and make sure they are established. Our midweek service will be a national broadcast encounter, as we will be receiving blessings from our papa, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Next Sunday is our Covenant Day of Enough Is Enough Service.

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