Mental Health: Advocate Urges More Preventive Measures Than Rehabilitation

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Kenneth Anetor, Executive Director, A New Thing International.

Mediaage NG News – ABUJA, Nigeria

Executive Director, A New Thing International, Kenneth Anetor has spoken of the importance of an improved mental health of the society by adapting more to preventative measures than spending huge sums on patients for rehabilitation.

He said authorities in the country should look out for more ways to prevent mental health cases than allowing a situation to deteriorate that could lead to waste of resources.

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“We are here to encourage and let the counsellors and other mental health advocates know that these preventive measures are best suited in fighting mental health issues, Mr. Anetor said at the climax of the 3rd Abuja Counsellors Summit and Expo, a two day event held in Abuja, organised by Secure D-Future International Initiative.

“It’s about harnessing counsellors, bringing them together to act on mental health challenges on Nigerians, creating proactive and preventive measures to curtail mental health issues that we have.

“This actually resonates with what the Senate Committee on Drugs and Narcotics is trying to do. You realise that the amount of money spent on rehabilitation is so enormous and we end up seeing lives that are wasted. This summit is a welcome development and we are excited about it”, he stated.

He said in the last three months, A New Thing International has been to some states carrying out other programmes and believes that in consonance with the summit, it’s a step in the right direction.

“I believe that with proper partnership with the organisations that are here, the reports will be taken back to our committee chairman to see that more progress has been made”, he said.

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