Nature News To Plant 5 Billion Trees In Six Years

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Mediaage NG News – ABUJA, Nigeria

Nature news will launch a nationwide campaign to plant 5 billion trees in Nigeria by the year 2030. It also pledged to intensify efforts in spotlighting innovative solutions and championing environmental stewardship to provide solutions to climate change challenges in the society.

“Recognizing the importance of trees in climate change and national economic prosperity, this ambitious afforestation initiative, a product of nearly two years of rigorous brainstorming, will bring tremendous benefits to Nigeria and its people, publisher of Nature news, Aliu Akoshile said on Tuesday in Abuja, at the 3rd Anniversary Lectures on Climate Change and Energy Transition in Nigeria, and presentation of its HEAD awards.

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He said the drive, branded ‘Nigeria’s Green Project 2030, aligns with global efforts to combat climate change and confirms to the country’s determined contributions under the Paris Agreement.

“Amongst other massive advantages, this afforestation project will help to create opportunities for youth and support biodiversity, contribute to carbon sink, provide habitat for wildlife and promote ecological balance, he stated.

“We are not unmindful of the remarkable efforts of other stakeholders for a greener future for Nigeria and indeed Africa.

“Our mission is far from being accomplished because, climate change remains a present danger to a sustainable environment and a potent threat to life”, Mr. Akoshile added.

Mr. Lamine Barrow, the Director General, Nigeria Country Office, Africa Development Bank (AfDB) in the presentation of the anniversary lecture said many countries globally are grappling with the challenges of Climate Change and implementing strategies for energy transition.

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He said the enactment of the electricity act in Nigeria is expected to help contribute and usher a new wave of reforms that will decentralise the regulation and management of the electricity supply industry. “How does a country like Nigeria accelerate its economic development process by following a low carbon development pathway and pursue policies and investors in renewable energy stages to achieve rapid economic growth while meeting the global climate goals”? He asked.

“The answer lies in having a better understanding of what the climate energy nexus means for Nigeria and ensuring an all coordinated implementation of the national climate change act”, he said.

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