Niger Expels Members Of EU’s Capacity Building Mission

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The Military in Niger ceased power in 2013, having ousted President Mohammed Bazoum .
Mediaage NG News – NIAMEY, Niger

Niger’s military junta has expelled members of the European Union’s capacity-building mission, EUCAP.

The country’s Interior Minister, Brig Gen Mohamed Toumba, confirmed that the 15 individuals were ejected from the country on the 26th January, just two days after they had “returned to Niamey on various flights” without informing the government.

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Niger has been under military rule since July 2023, when democratically elected President, Mohamed Bazoum was ousted by officers. This led to sanctions imposed on the military junta by the European Union.

Niger said the EUCAP mission – comprising 120 security officers helping to bolster Niger’s forces was terminated in December after more than a decade working together.

The junta has indicated its intention to downgrade military ties with European countries, while “diversifying” links with countries such as Russia and Iran.

Their anti-Western body showing, puts to question the future of US troops stationed at a drone base in Agadez, a city in the northern part of the country.

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