Nigeria Aims To Build Largest E-Bus Fleet In Africa

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ABUJA, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister on Tuesday told the COP28 Summit that the country aims to have the largest fleet of electric public transport buses in Africa.

Mr. Yusuf Tuggar made the comments after President Bola Tinubu told the UN conference, hosted by the United Arab Emirates, that Nigeria plans to roll out 100 electric buses.

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“Nigeria is on track to deploy 100 electric buses next year with plans to increase to 1,000 e-buses, aiming to become the country with the largest electric mass transit fleet in Africa”, Tuggar said.

He also revealed that the project is aimed at cutting emissions, supporting green projects and creating jobs in major industries.

Environmental groups have singled out Nigeria as one of the top greenhouse gas emitters in Africa.

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