Nigeria Poised To Be A Powerhouse In Tech Ecosystem – DG NITDA

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Mr . Kashifu Inuwa said Nigeria is on the brink of tech revolution.

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) said Nigeria is ready to become a leading powerhouse in the tech ecosystem.

Taking advantage of its youthful population, the agency said the west African nation will surpass India in technological innovations.

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NITDA’s Director-General, Kashifu Inuwa, laid emphasis on the immense opportunities and untapped talent shown by the country’s youth, while speaking at a Media Parley in the country’s capital, Abuja.

“With our youthful population, growing innovation hubs, and supportive government policies, Nigeria is on the brink of a tech revolution. We have the potential to outpace countries like India if we leverage our resources effectively”, Mr. Inuwa said.

India is known for its prowess in tech innovation globally, particularly in software services and IT outsourcing. According to Inuwa, it offers valuable lessons for Nigeria.

By focusing on education, infrastructure, and a supportive regulatory environment, India has created a thriving tech ecosystem. NITDA believes Nigeria can adopt and adapt these strategies to suit its unique context.

“We are learning from India’s journey but also forging our own path. Nigeria’s tech sector can lead in areas such as fintech, edtech, and health tech, where we have specific strengths and immediate needs”, the NITDA boss stated.

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With a population of over 200 million Nigerians, half of the figure is under the age of 30. Most are actively involved in the digital space. Young Nigerians are increasingly showing prowess in various tech domains, from software development to artificial intelligence and fintech.

The country is also home to several high-growth digital companies and has the largest mobile market in sub-saharan Africa.

This is evident in the success of Nigerian tech experts who are gaining recognition globally.

NITDA has been supportive in tech growth in Nigeria. Initiatives such as the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS) and the Start-Up Act are aimed to drive digital evolution and support the startup ecosystem.

“Nigerian youth are not just consumers of technology, but creators and innovators. We are witnessing a surge in tech startups, many of which are developing solutions tailored to local challenges with global scalability,” Mr Inuwa said.

“Government policies are increasingly geared towards reducing barriers for tech entrepreneurs. We are focusing on improving digital infrastructure, providing fiscal incentives, and enhancing digital literacy across the country”, he stated.

“These efforts are designed to make Nigeria an attractive destination for tech investment and innovation”, he added.

Mr Inuwa said Nigeria is ready to be a tech giant global and with collective effort from the government, private sector, and the nation’s talented youth, it can achieve greatness and lead the world in technological innovations.

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