Nigerian Military Apologises For Bombing Mishap

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ABUJA, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – In a media briefing on Thursday, the Nigerian military apologised for an air strike that killed 85 innocent civilians and says in future they will only bomb targets they are “100% sure” of .

Director of Defence, Media Operations Major General Edward Buba said the army would get “more training” and “more understanding of the protocols” that involve air strikes.

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Gen Buba said the army would deal with the air strike incident “squarely”.

The airstrike happened when villagers from Tundun Biri gathered for a religious festival on Sunday evening.

More than 60 people were admitted to hospital for treatment following the air strike, officials said.

Nigeria’s military has for years been battling armed criminals and militants who have been operating in parts of northern Nigeria, raiding villages and kidnapping residents for ransom.

State Governor Uba Sani said civilians were “mistakenly killed” by a military drone “targeting terrorists and bandits”.

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