Nigerian Police Uncovers Illegal Gun Producing Factory

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Lagos – Mediaage NG News – The Nigerian police has uncovered a blacksmith’s factory producing illegal firearms in Lagos.

Some of the firearms include barrel guns, pistols, cartridges and drilling machines. They were seized during the raid, according to the police.

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A notorious gang leader was among more than 30 suspects arrested.

Nigeria is struggling with widespread insecurity – from violent gangs to kidnappings for ransom and an Islamist insurgency in the north.

Police on Tuesday identified two blacksmiths whom they said were behind the production of arms at the Lagos factory.

They were paraded alongside 30 other suspects, and would be charged with various offences, including the illegal possession of firearms.

It is suspected that the arms were being supplied to criminals across the country.

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Last month, the army uncovered a gun-manufacturing factory in north-western Kaduna state.

AK-47 rifles, a submachine gun, and revolvers were among 26 weapons seized.

Last week, police said armed groups were smuggling weapons into south-eastern Anambra State from Cameroon.

Lagos State police spokesperson Benjamin Hundeyin said the raid on the factory followed a month-long investigation, and “intelligence on a blacksmith”.

A key gang, or cult, figure was found in possession of two 9mm ammunition rounds, and has been linked to the murder of a rival cult member in Lagos, police added.

He, along with other suspects, have not yet appeared in court.

Details of the cult are sketchy, but Nigeria has many of them despite the fact that they are banned.

The cults – or secret societies – have a chain of command similar to militia groups, use code words and have insignia bearing the favourite weapon of the cult, along with its colour.

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