Nigerian Senate Moves To Amend Cybercrimes Act

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Abuja, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – A bill sponsored by Senator Shehu Buba (PDP, Bauchi) which seeks to amend the Cyber Crimes Act of 2015, on Wednesday passed second reading in the Senate.

The bill also aims at empowering the National Security Adviser (NSA) to monitor compliance with provisions of the Act.

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Sen. Buba said the proposed amendment is intended to remove encumbrances to the proper implementation of provisions of the Act.

He said the advent of digital and information technology has brought a new dimension for committing traditional crimes and ones. “The architecture of the digital world challenges law enforcement institutions and the criminal justice system to device measures and procedures to contend with digital or cybercrimes”, he said.

He said with the increase in internet-based advance fee fraud, cases of hacking into emails, websites and infringement on privacy rights of persons and institutions has been on the rise and it calls for urgent solutions.

“Legislation on advance fee fraud is among the earliest interventions by the Nigerian government on cybercrimes but, the law is inadequate to meet the intricacies of technological development, Buba said.

“The Act is designed to ensure the protection of critical national information infrastructure and to promote cyber security, protect computer systems and networks, electronic communications, data and computer programs, intellectual property and privacy rights.

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“This Bill seeks to address all anomalies that have hindered the effective implementation of the Act”, he stated.

The bill was read for the first time on October 18, 2023.

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