Nigerian Senate Plans Sanctions Against Job Racketeering

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Mr. Onyesoh heads the Nigerian Senate Committee on Federal Character.
Mediaage NG News – ABUJA, Nigeria (Wednesday 15th May, 2024)

The Nigerian Senate plans to introduce stiffer sanctions against those involved in job racketeering.

Employment system in the country operates on a federal character principle where jobs or appointments are expected to be shared equitably regionally.

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This is aimed at creating unity and fairness in the country.

“If you want things to work; we are considering stiffer penalties; there must be a consequence for everything, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Federal Character and Inter-governmental Affairs, Allwell Onyesoh, said in a meeting with the management of the Federal Character Commission in Abuja, on Tuesday.

“It is very dangerous, a simple statement like, ‘Oh, this thing is out. We are not getting it; there is a job there, they are employing secretly,’ is enough to cause problems.

“Hence, we felt it is proper we dot the ‘I’ and cross the ‘T’, make every of their (FCC) activities more transparent, more glaring for people to see”, Mr Onyesoh said.

The Head of the FCC, Muheeba Dankaka, said the issue of job racketeering was new to the office.

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She also appealed to the committee to help the commission toward upscaling its budget, given the enormous responsibility it carries.

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