People With Good Deeds Must Be Celebrated – Registrar IAMPS

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Prof. Eze Chidi Nwauba.

The Registrar and Founder of Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies (IAMPS), Prof. Eze Chidi Nwauba on Saturday said the culture of celebrating those with good deeds must be imbibed by the society to aid the growth of humanity.

Prof. Nwauba revealed this in an event organised in Abuja, by the Chartered Institute of Arts Management and Professional Studies, Chartered Institute of Information and Strategic Management, Chartered Institute of Mentoring and Coaching In Nigeria, in partnership with Prowess University, Delaware, United States.

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“We are here to honour reputable individuals that have made impacts in their respective fields of endeavours in the society for their sacrifice and selfless inputs to see to the growth of humanity, Prof. Nwauba said.

“Like the saying goes, there’s no hiding place for a fish in a gold bow. There’s no hiding place for people with good deeds. What we did is to encourage them to do more. It is not financially induced. Commitment, transparency, competence, great achievements and dedication were the driving factors, as it has to do with human development”, he added.

Amongst the awardees was a female public servant who chose to remain anonymous, promised to uphold the ethics that backed the award she got.

“I’ve worked with the Public Sector for 30 years’, she said.

“I’m thrilled with the award because, it’s a show of reward for hard work and dedication. It’s an encouragement to do more for the society, being a government worker. The remaining years for me to serve the country will see me do more to uphold the tenets of advancing the growth of humanity.

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“Selecting and nominating people who have done well is very rare in the society and it is really commendable. It means a lot, it is not only when you are dead that you will be celebrated. I promise to be a good ambassador”, she stated.

Dr. Rotimi Matthew, Director General, Chartered Institute of Corporate Mentoring and Coaching In Nigeria, at the event said the award is hoped on building resilience and coping mechanisms to overcome challenges.

“Several persons have distinguished themselves in their respective fields. Lots of background checks were carried out. I commend the tenacious efforts by the organisers’, he said.

“We were able to proffer recommendations for individuals, communities and organisations at all levels to be able to build resilience to help survive the current economic hardship experienced in the country.

“If we could survive COVID 19, we can pass through this phase too. We live in an uncertain world that can be solved through understanding and agility. We al have our roles to play to make Nigeria a better place”, Dr. Rotimi said.

Dr. Femi Adewole, the Chief Operating Officer, Union Homes PLC said it’s an undisputable fact that individuals with good humanitarian efforts should be celebrated.

He encouraged fellow awardees not to relent in acts of kindness to the society.

“The award which is a litmus test is valuable to me, my organisation and the society, he said.

“No doubts, there’s need for this kind of elevation and for those in positions of authority to garner information to the benefits of the society.

“I indulge my fellow awardees to continue in the spirit of transparency, accountability in what they do, not just having a title as a nomenclature. They should be able to distinguish themselves in the society” he concluded.

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