President Tinubu Jokes About Falling During Democracy Day

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President Bola Tinubu.

President of Nigeria, Bola Tinubu has made light of his fall during Wednesday’s Democracy Day ceremony when he slipped and fell over at an official event to mark 25 years of democracy in the country.

Mr. Tinubu said it was his Yoruba culture on display.

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The president, while climbing the steps on a vehicle which was meant to take him around Eagle Square in Abuja, the country’s capital, tripped and was helped up by his aides.

Later in the evening, while giving a speech at a banquet dinner organised as part of the day’s events, the President acknowledged he was all over social media after falling.

“Early this morning, I had a swagger and it’s on the social media. They’re confused whether I was doing buga or doing babanriga [referring to two popular dance moves in Nigeria],” the president said.

“But it’s a day to celebrate democracy while doing dobale [yoruba term for bowing to greet elders] for the day. I’m a traditional Yoruba boy, I did my dobale.”

One of his aides described it as a “mild misstep” and said the president had been able to continue with the rest of the day’s programme.

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“He immediately went on with the ceremonial rounds. No issues,” wrote presidential aide Dada Olusegun on X.

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