School Proprietress Concerned About Plights Of Parents In Difficult Times

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Mrs. Olatundun Amuda
Mediaage NG News – NASARAWA, Nigeria

Children are to be in classrooms, learning verb tenses or solving mathematical problems on the white or black board. They should be receiving an education that will not only empower their future, but get them equipped to break the cycle of poverty that could have been brought on them by things they know nothing of.

The rate of school dropouts or out of school children in the society could be getting higher, with biting economic conditions staring many of the low income or poor households in the country.

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This is not helped with the low standard of education known with most public schools run by the government, especially in less developed areas of the society, places that could be referred to as slums. Families would prefer their kids to attend private schools as a result.

However, most private schools in these areas are also poorly managed, due to lack of basic amenities in these areas or lack of prompt responses from parents when it comes to tuition fees.

The truth is, the government need to do better.

On a visit to Kelvin Kerry Montessori School, in Ado, a suburb close to Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, we met the school Proprietress, Mrs. Olatundun Amuda, sitted while giving instructions to staff attending to some of the pupils.

She said education which is a basic right, must not be denied of a child. “It is part of our lives”, she stated.

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Coming to offer educational services was a belief she had, going by the importance it plays in the society.

“I believe in giving out quality education to children, bringing them up in moral ways and helping them acquire and improve in basic knowledge. Education is a basic need for our children”, she said.

“There are many things going on in the country. Many families are going through a lot and it affects the education of children. Parents want their children to be more than who they are and with the right education, this is possible. But, the hard times experienced today limit parents to give their children the best of education.

“The poor handling of public schools has led to an increase in private schools and for this reason, we should be able to encourage them because, they believe that at least, we can offer them more, despite owners of these private schools not left out of the present day harsh realities.

Mrs. Amuda acknowledged that parents understand their responsibilities and that’s why they sent their kids to school. So, forcing a child out of school because of non payment of fees brings negative impacts.

“It comes with a negative psychological effect on the kid. For others to be in school and a child is sent home because the parents are yet to afford the fees, is not really nice, she added.

“Some parents are capable but, most times, unforseen circumstances limit their quick responses.

“However, I will also urge parents to encourage the private sector in developing education to standards that will also benefit their children or wards”, she concluded.

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