Travel Expert Cheers Nigerian Government For ‘Improved’ Tourism Attention

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Mr. Asogwa said the likes of NOTAP, NANTA and NIHOTOUR have made the travel industry interesting to work in.

Abuja, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – Travel expert, Emmanuel Asogwa on Tuesday applauded the Nigerian government for the improved attention the tourism industry has benefited, as part of the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu.

Asogwa, the Founder of VardeGo Nigeria Limited said other government bodies like the Nigerian Association of Tour Operators (NATOP), National Association of Nigeria Travel Agents (NANTA), National Hospitality and Tourism (NIHOTOUR) have worked together to add value to the tourism industry in the country, making it interesting.

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Under the present administration of President Tinubu, a separate Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation was created.

“The Industry breeds professionals, not amateurs and it’s difficult to imagine a global conference without Nigerians being invited. We have the WTM holding in London, Ezell, the IATF holding in Egypt, the ITCC to be held later this year in South Africa has Nigerians invited to be part of them”, Mr. Asogwa said.

“There are others taking place next year in Casablanca, Morocco, New York, Canada and others. All these have VardeGo invited and we are ready.

“These are happening with Nigerians involved because, the impacts we have made in the tourism world cannot be overlooked. We do a lot and some countries are going as far as granting us free entry visas”, he said.

He further said that hence travel business is concerned, security is always a key factor to consider, technically and professionally. “Although, insecurity which is a global problem should not be restricted to Nigeria only but, if the government hopes to put more interest in the tourism industry, it will do a lot to protect and safeguard the lives of foreigners and tourists who are still enjoying their stay or visit to the country”, he stated.

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Nigeria has been battling insecurity problems that include banditry and terrorism acts predominantly in the north east, and kidnapping in the south. However, he gave examples of similar acts like sporadic shootings at public places in the United States and drug activities in Durban, South Africa.

Asogwa said having had the opportunity to manage hotels and travel arrangements for people during his university days, made him understood the profit value that comes from the industry. Added with his curiosity to explore, led him to establish VardeGo Nigeria Limited, a business that aimed to span across all areas of hospitality.

The firm has sections for travel and tours, permanent immigration, hospitality, hotel bookings, visa assistance and students respectively. There also the local tourism section which is charged with making some destinations in Nigeria sellable to foreigners.

“We’ve encountered several situations where foreigners would love to see Nigeria and spend some time. In Abuja alone, we have the Zuma rock and lots of other beautiful natural sights which can serve as very important tourist attractions for foreigners. When packaged very well and sold, it will boost the internal revenue generation of the country”, Asogwa said.

According to him, VardeGo in partnership with over 250 schools globally that includes the UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Malta, Canada and Australia, offers Nigerians interested in traveling abroad to study a Diploma Program, Post Graduate, Masters, PhD courses.

“We have schools that offer admission, so long as you have a university attended, with a certificate to show for it, irrespective of the level of class.

“Most of these schools we partner with, give visa support, so long as the necessary steps are followed. For instance, Oxford International College in Vancouver, Canada, University of Manitoba, the Berlin School of Business and Innovation in Germany are ready to absorb students from us”, he added.

VardeGo also plans and executes relocation processes for families to different countries, especially Canada and the UK and other European countries.

The Chief Executive also said the travel firm is aware of the COS (Certificate of Sponsorship) platform that offers jobs to skilled and qualified workers, not resident in the United Kingdom. He said when a person is qualified and ready, VardeGo handles the processes.

Despite having business offices in four African countries that include Tanzania, Senegal, Kenya and Rwanda, and hoping to spread to the Arab nations, having its focal point in Qatar, Asogwa said VardeGo has a large community in Nigeria that is massively growing in Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt.

“Right now, we are creating Ambassadors for VardeGo in all states of the federation. In Enugu State and the whole of South East, there is an Ambassador in the person of Senator Ugwuanyi. We intend to have these in Lagos and Abuja too.

“All these are driven to boost our labour force and growth. In business, growth must be proportional to the level of labour force on ground. As our community is growing, so we are to meet up with the demands of business.

“On social media, our community on Facebook is so large that there are many messages every second, with immediate replies. We have been able to match up our growth with an already established labour force. This is an input to the Nigerian government because, we are adding value to the internally generated revenue in the country .

“We are making plans for next year when foreigners from South Africa, United States and Canada will explore local tourist destinations in the country. These people are aware of this and making plans to come and see what Nigeria looks like”, he concluded.

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