Utilising More Women Will Aid In Conflict Resolution – Dr. Ojukwu

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Mediaage NG News – ABUJA, Nigeria

The Provost, Police Public Relations School, Abuja, Dr. Emmanuel CS Ojukwu at the just concluded Northwest Regional Conference On Women, Peace and Security Issues held in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, advocated for the utilisation of more women in sustaining peace and conflict resolution in northwestern Nigeria.

He revealed this while delivering a paper on ‘Effectively Policing The Northwest Amidst Metastasizing Insecurity’.

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In Nigeria, women form the bulk of IDP camps. Together with children, they are the most vulnerable when under attack from bandits and kidnappers.

Dr. Ojukwu said as a result, the females should be more involved in what is given to the camps.

“We don’t talk of women’s emancipation as an act of charity but, necessity”, he said at the event hosted by Global Rights.

“Nigeria keeps falling because, women are not valued. Women in the northwest have an invaluable role, we must bring them on board. Not for sexual, slavery or sex for food but, to lend a soft voice in deradicalization, mediation, negotiation, reconciliation and rehabilitation”, Mr. Ojukwu added.

The retired police commissioner also said solving insecurity problems is not an entire military or police operations. Communities must be involved, including traditional and religious leaders, telecom service providers, psychologists, therapists, counsellors and transporters.

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“Policing is not “for” the people but, “with” them in collaboration. All are involved in the problem, therefore, all have to be involved in the solution. The collateral damages are with them – Agric, economy, family, tradition, transportation. Policing has to be evolutionary”, he said.

“All will suffer the challenges, the people must understand the problem to lend a hand in its solutions. Else, they may sabotage it. They have the responsibility to make positive contributions to the advancement of the society and give assistance to law enforcement officers in maintenance of law and order.

According to him, the duties of community policing officers are crime detection and prevention, conflict resolution, criminal intelligence gathering, maintenance of law and order, complementing the police force in patrol of public spaces, reassuring the community of public safety, crime prevention and security tips, deal with minor offences and social vices, work with young people, schools, businesses religious and cultural groups on crime control, traffic and school safety duties.

“Policing the northwest should go beyond bombs, shells, sorties but, a soft touch which is very important. Community involvement is key”, he enumerated.

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