Utilizing The Power Of Media For Effective Church Growth

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Group photograph of attendees at the one day event.

Living Faith Church Goshen - September 14 - Mediaage NG News – Media and Creativity Unit of Living Faith Church, Goshen, recently held its annual training aimed at the growth of the church.

In an exercise marked with presentations made by invited facilitators that include Pastor Fonsi Khaleston, Mr. Michael Madojutimi, and Sister Sandra Udeike, the presentations were followed with questions and answers.

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Pastor Khaleston’s presentation was centred on policy guidelines, foundation to soul establishment. While categorising his teaching on Concept of Church Growth, Indices of Soul Establishment, and Influence of Policy Guidelines on Soul Establishment/Church Growth, he said rewards are the consequences of serving God in His Kingdom which he described as hugely significant.

“Activities of Media and Creativity Unit are focused on church growth through testimonies, Pastor Khaleston began.

“God is the builder of the church through the influence and power of the Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit enhances the effect of God’s Word when we speak to souls. Church growth is addition and increase in attendance, based on spiritual establishment of the souls which is a function of their encounter with God, he added.

According to him, church growth means addition which is more than just increase in attendance. He said it is the establishment of souls, especially with respect to spiritual indices that indicates church growth.

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“Soul establishment is a follow-up process which requires patience, persistence, continuity and consistency”, Pastor Khaleston stated.

Mr. Madojutimi laid his emphasis on using the media to propel the growth of the church. He said it would be difficult to spread the Word without utilising the media, as such, it is one of the most important section of the church.
“The media is for propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ because, there is no way you can spread the Word of God without the Media, Mr. Madojutimi, an ICT specialist said.

“Media is not all about picture taking, video editing or audio editing rather it is about content creation.

“Content creation is the bedrock of digital media production. Without good content strategy, you cannot deliver what the world is expecting from you”, he said.

He elaborated on the concept of content creation, using the AI Chat, an an play store application that enables acquisition of useful information when asked the right question.

Through the AI, he said “creation of relevant content is enhanced when you ask the right questions which are precise and not vague”.

“You can create content that cannot be detected by someone who is also using the AI Chat.

“The AI Chat gives you accurate and precise details of what you expect. Content Creation is strategic to Media & Creativity Unit. This is because every content needs to be scrutinized before its dissemination to the members or public.

Trained journalist, Sandra Udeike spoke of Creative and Effective Testimony Writing.

She listed the attributes of testimony that must include glorifying God, impactful on others, thereby, encouraging them to serve God and stimulate others to share their testimonies.

Her presentation was scoped on documentation, recording, transcription, editing, categorization/classification and archiving.

“No Testimony is less powerful than the other as such there must be no comparison because God is perfect and always faithful, she said

“Documentation is the first point of call and the first stage of testimony taking. It is also the first contact between the testifiers and the unit.
“Documentation takes place at the testimony stand and should be done with a legible handwriting. This can also be enhanced using block or capital letters”, Mrs. Udeike said.

Recording she revealed is similar to documentation but, done using a midget or voice recorder to get the voice of a testifier.

Cordinator of the Unit, Deacon Isreal Adebowale, in warm regards, appreciated members of the Unit for making this year’s training a success. He encouraged that service to God is the only platform that can accelerate His blessings on those who serve.

The Unit Pastor, Afolabi while encouraging members to prioritise serving God and the interest of His Kingdom, brought to reminder that the media is the projector of the image of the church.

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