Victoria A Self Driven Realtor Walking The Steps To Becoming A CEO

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Chukwu-Obasi wants to work in managerial positions for five years before fully running Veena Power Realty.

ABUJA, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – Working towards owning a business comes with its own risk never experienced at a regular job. It is very likely that as a business owner, it is required that to lead a team, one must be prepared for it, despite the number of employees. There must be a developed effective leadership skill on the part of an entrepreneur which include leading a vision, motivating others, subordinates, and holding together in times of crisis.

According to Victoria Chukwuobasi, getting into managerial positions will equip her towards running her real estate company, Veena Power Realty, a firm she says has its objective of bridging the gap between buyers and real estate developers.

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“Veena Power Realty aims to bring only genuine properties to the market, approved by FCDA with detailed documents to the clients, and have no issues. These include issues of fear that your money might get missing. Even if you are outside the country, you can invest with us, your properties are safe”, Victoria said while speaking with Mediaage NG.

Victoria, a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Abuja, got into real estate business as a secretary of a firm, from where she began having the thoughts of owning her own real estate company.

“Prior to that time (before she began working), I had no knowledge of real estate, but getting to work there, I grew in knowledge and understood that real estate is wide and offers the opportunity where I could serve both genders. It’s not a market that is one sided and I’ve got to serve everybody, including home owners.

“For me to keep going, it has been very impactful and encouraging. No matter how hard they say real estate business is in trying to get clients, I still have the zeal to keep going. I see myself doing very well. I want to get to managerial positions because, I can’t just start say I want to be a boss. I have to be in managerial positions for the next five years to learn.

“When I’m in my mid thirties, I will fully start my own company”, Victoria said.

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