Misleading Information A Risk To Growth Of Edo State — Media Aid To Governor Obaseki

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Apostle Uyinosa.

Popular media activist, also known as “The Man Wey E Dey Talk Am As E Be”, Apostle Amb Alfred Uyinosa has challenged critics of Governor Godwin Obaseki to dissuade from statement and acts that stand a risk to the growth of the state.

While hitting out against the unregulated use of social media, describing it as one of the tools that have derailed the growth of the country, he called for a campaign against the abusive use of social media. Despite the advantages it has, he said it has become an avenue to cause division in the nation.

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Apostle Uyinosa, the leader of team “Go & Verify ” stressed on the importance of having a positive attitude towards the state and urged people of the state within and outside to team up with the government to create a better state that will last generations.

“Everyone of us must sit down and begin to improve on the strength of the government and work on ways of improving its weaknesses. Supplement the weakness of the government with the strength it has shown and the state will grow and be a better place”, Apostle Uyinosa said while speaking with the press at the 2023 Shelter Conference held in Benin City, the state capital.

Also watch the link video below of Apostle Uyinosa advocating for a change of mindset.


While listing some of the achievements the administration of Obaseki has had in leading the state, he said rival politicians are intent on discrediting the government for the gains it has brought to the state.

“Edo State College of Nursing Science is one of the best in subsaharan Africa, go and verify, he said.

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“Some of the nice structures you are seeing today were edifices abandoned by previous governments but, brought back to life by Governor Obaseki.

“In terms of health, Edo has the State Health Insurance Commission where every civil servant enrolls and it’s even better than the federal government National Health Insurance Scheme.

“Today , we have the John Odiegun Civil Service Academy where public servants are trained in the whole of Sub Saharan Africa, the federal government does not have it. The governor is not boasting of what he has done but, wants the people to understand that he’s in office to work for the people of the state.

However, Apostle Uyinosa acknowledged that few are still sceptical about the governor’s achievements but, blamed them for still having an “archaic mindset”, refusing to advance their ways of reasoning.

MediaageNG Misleading Information A Risk To Growth Of Edo State -- Media Aid To Governor Obaseki Popular media activist, also known as "The Man Wey E Dey Talk Am As E Be", Apostle Amb Alfred Uyinosa has challenged critics of Governor Godwin Obaseki to dissuade from statement and acts that stand a risk to the growth of the state.

“Most of them are not ready to see the good works he has done because of an archaic mindset.

Most politicians made them to concentrate on roads but, can the roads bring food? Roads give you access to go about your daily activities. We need to have a working system that will generate money to fill the roads.

“When they say no road, it means there’s no access at all. If there are no roads, then, how are people coming in and going out of the state or moving within?

“The governor has been able to revive our health care centre, with each local government having theirs.

“The Nigerian Observer was long dead but has been brought back with one of the best digital services on offer. The John Odigie Oyegun Public Service School, train and feed civil servants every month free of charge. They are trained on AI and other latest technology innovations.

“The state is the first and only one operating an e-governance system, it entails less paper work. Even when the whole country chose to go on strike, workers in Edo State would still be working from home”, Apostle Uyinosa stated.

In addition, he revealed that the state under the administration of Governor Obaseki has produced two refineries – the Edo refinery at Ologbo and Duport Oil. “They are currently refining diesel”, he said. Duport Midstream Company Limited operates an energy park in Egbokor community, Orhionmwon.

“This is the first time that a governor in the country single handedly built electricity and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Oshiomo Power. It powers all government offices in the state, street lights and other companies are already connecting to it”.

Amongst other achievements he said the governor has had on the state, include the refurbishing of the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium which is one of the country’s finest used to host international football matches. It has a Video Assistant Referee (VAR), system, up to FIFA standards.

He said the Edo State Secretariat Complex, though, renovated, is one of the best in the country. They were initially dead but, the governor gave it the new look it’s having today.

“This entails going back to landmark projects and bringing them back to life. As at today, the governor has done more interlinked roads than any other governor in the history of the state. I can tell you Governor Obaseki is one of the best governors the state has produced, not even Ambrose Alli, because of his institutional reforms.

“The government is building an Educational Hub at Iyaro where all education institutes will be brought in as a unit. They don’t need to be scattered all over, they are set to be in a location. That’s what he’s doing currently. He’s building Agric Hub at airport road, should I show evidences? Go and verify.

“Are you aware of the Edo Technology Park (EdoTechPark) in the state? It’s a place where many are trained on coding and technology. The place is at Okhoromi community in Oredo local government area. I will give you the list of all he’s done and ask you to go and verify. The administration of His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki aims to transform Edo state as a technology outsourcing nerve centre of Africa.

All these are innovations that people are not acknowledging. Having been to other states and did my researches, I can proudly say the governor here is doing well.

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