Nigeria To Begin Distribution Of Cash Palliative

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Abuja – Mediaage NG News – The Nigerian government has said it will begin the distribution of 1.1 trillion ($1.5bn, £1.2bn) cash to 15 million vulnerable households in the country, aimed at alleviating the soaring food, fuel and commodity prices.

Each eligible household will get ₦25,000 ($32) in cash, as palliative for a three-month period, beginning this month.

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But, the country’s Finance Minister did not give an exact start date while having a press conference in the capital, Abuja, during the week.

The Nigerian government believes that vulnerable households represent 62 million Nigerians – in a country with a population of more than 200 million.

It had first announced the scheme in July – intending to give $10 each to 12 million households.

But this prompted an public outcry, with many saying it was not enough.

In response, President Bola Tinubu announced a new scheme during independence day events earlier this month.

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However, questions have been raised about who qualifies for the handouts and how households will be chosen.

Many Nigerians are experiencing economic hardships owing to the removal of a fuel subsidy by the government in May, when Mr Tinubu took office.

According to Nigeria’s National Bureau of Statistics, about 63% of Nigerians are considered “multi-dimensionally poor” – meaning they suffer from many deprivations.

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