Nigerians Must Show An improved Mindset and Attitude — Tinubu

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President Bola Tinubu.

Abuja - August 28 - (Mediaage NG News) - Nigeria’s President, Ahmed Tinubu at the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) 2023 conference spoke of the importance for Nigerians to have an improvement in attitude and mindset to enhance the Nigerian state.

The President emphasized that part of the reasons that despite being blessed, the country seems to be in lack is because there’s little or no determination to grow on the part of the masses. “Why are we so blessed and we are still lacking”? The President asked.

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“We must have a change of attitude and a change of our mindset. We accuse our nation and its previous leaders and complain a lot of the past. Is that the solution? No!

“Let us look forward and be determined. God has given us what we need. We must work hard with determination to make our country great and it begins with you who are seated here with me”, Mr Tinubu said.

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