Technical Session Held In Build-up To National Justice Summit

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Solicitor General and Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Justice, Beatrice Jedy-Agba.

Mediaage NG News – ABUJA, Nigeria (Wednesday 24 April, 2024)

Nigeria’s Ministry of Justice on Tuesday held a technical session on the review of the revised national policy on justice, with the aim of providing feedbacks and inputs on the policy.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Beatrice Jedy-Agba said the session was a build-up to the National Justice Summit to be held today.

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She also said the session which had the convergence of Solicitors General across the country was to review and validate the National Policy on Justice.

The policy she added has variously thematic areas that militate against justice system and delivery in the country.

“The idea is to review the challenges we have had so far, how far and we have gone in implementing the national policy on Justice (2017-2022) and adopt the proper strategies to enhance the justice system which is encapsulated in the National Policy (2024-2028)”, Jedy-Agba who is also the Solicitor General of the Federation, said.

“We are hoping that this document will be validated tomorrow (Wednesday). There are other issues that will be addressed, particularly, presentation of bills for review and consideration that would help facilitate justice delivery, more effectiveness and independence of the judiciary, the Judges and Justices.

“When we talk about justice, it’s not all about judicial institutions, federal institutions delivering justice, Legal Aid Council, Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), criminal justice institutions such as the Police, Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), it’s a whole mammoth, both horizontal and vertical justice institutions that deal with justice delivery in Nigeria”, she stated.

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Prof. Mohammed Tabir said the essence of the overview is to emphasize on the importance of having the national policy on justice. He said the adoption of the revised policies will be a huge step to improving justice delivery in the country.

“We need to make everyone have ownership and feel concerned that we have a justice system that makes the society safe and sane”, he disclosed.

“Our justice system is challenged by delay where we have lots of awaiting trials – issues of detention and correctional services. The policy also looked at alternative dispute resolution so that people can get their disputes resolved in a friendly and conducive environment that can strengthen more reconciliatory measures” Prof. Tabir said.

The objectives of the polices is to promote and protect human rights, promote correctional justice, ensure fair and speedy dispensation of justice and alternative disputes, promote openness and transparency in the justice system, ensure compliance with the treaty obligations and enhance individual cooperation, amongst others.

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