There Is More To Life Than Drugs And Other Destructive Habits – Chevonne Jibromah

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Chevonne Jibromah.

The founder of Future Focus Foundation has revealed the importance of understanding that life must be mirrored from a positive angle, making the most of it.

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She said that youths who have the thoughts of going into drugs, prostitution and other destructive acts can be made to have a change of heart, with an improved mindset.

Chevonne Jibromah revealed this when she spoke with Mediaage on what the future holds for Future Focus Foundation, an offshoot of “Save The Future” Dublin Ireland her pet project as the first Miss Nigeria Ireland 2008.

Save The Future as a pet project according to her, was an exciting adventure that challenged her to do more as the youths were literally hungry for more, with some teenagers in tears whilst she was relocating to England.

Apparently “she said” we got the teenagers to mentor the younger ones during their holidays, so instead of the usual lazying around, we got the teenagers vast in certain giftings to facilitate a group of Children in that area of gifting. They are grouped into their unique categories from debates to singing to choreography to quizzes with plenty of prices attached ranging from clothings (contributed by Debenhams and Topshop) to laptops and learning materials.

This initiative gives our teenagers a certain sense of responsibility by allowing them facilitate the younger ones to harness their gifts and ponder on more gifts they might have, helping both the mentor and mentee fill the void the holiday season creates with more productive ideas instead of counterproductive idle activities that may be destructive to them and the society. “Catching them young” During their spare time, they will be pondering on developing their gifts than entertaining idle thoughts”, Chevonne Jibromah said.

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“Drug abuse and other ill behaviours were rampant amongst young people then and even now, there’s so much to be done”

“Many young minds are into what they do because they feel hopeless. If they see hope, they will give up many negative things that you will not need to say much. Just a little beam of light resuscitates them. Many are depressed and confused, not knowing what to do”, she stated.

Chevonne Jibromah who is also the founder of RWE & Services a Corporate Consulting Firm said Future Focus Foundation amongst their outline of objectives aims to connect youths with opportunities as seen fit leveraging on their rich database of associated industries globally.

“We have a rich database of industries associated with us. We are intentional to know the youths we are working with, before recommending them, to avoid shutting the door to other qualified persons.

“So far, so good. No matter what you have achieved, you still see plenty of needs to be met- The harvest is truly plenty.

“We are growing rapidly and working to do more in creating awareness”

She also revealed that Future Focus Foundation is working on several projects including:

PLUC (Project Light Up Communities) to aid community empowerment in partnership with The Ministry of Power.

Youth Empowerment Workshop on Combating restiveness and drug abuse in Schools in Nigeria with notable partners.

PRDOTSProject Return Dropouts To School, an idea born out of an encounter with a kid hawking facemasks in Victoria Island Lagos.

“I pulled over to gift him some money but the kid said he also wanted to gift me a facemask.”

“His command of English was very good. I had to ask him why he was hawking face mask at a time we don’t wear face mask anymore. It was heart breaking to hear that he was selling these facemasks to raise money to go back to school. It made us start that project – Project Return Dropouts to School. It is carefully centred on children and youths who are willing to go back to school, not under compulsion. We need those who are hungry for education.

“In less than six months, we have returned over fifty children to school, there is so much more to be done as Nigeria has the highest number of out of school Children in the world Chevonne Jibromah said.

She further went ahead to express her appreciation to the supporters of Future Focus Foundation: The Partners; Board Members; Advisory Board Members; Team Members; Volunteers; Well wishers etc. “Thank you all so much for your good works and sacrifice, God bless you” Chevonne Jibromah said.

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