Tinubu Aims Exploring Oracle To Enhance Civil Service Data Management

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Tinubu aims to reform the Nigerian civil service data management.

Abuja - September 06 - Mediaage NG News – President Bola Tinubu is intent on adopting technology in public service operations. This is aimed at enhancing the data management in the Nigerian civil service.

The president received the vice president of Oracle, Andress Arroyo in a meeting in Abuja, the nation’s capital.

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Spokesperson to the presidency, Ajuri Ngelale revealed the excitement of Mr. Tinubu in partnering with Oracle to make this possible, highlighting the importance of technology in ensuring accuracy and transparency of data in public institutions.

Expressing the confidence of the president in the tech giant’s track record, he cited the successful automation of the Lagos payroll system while he was governor of the state.

“Oracle’s expertise will contribute to improving business operations, digital innovation, identity management, efficient payroll handling, and delivering better services to citizens, he said.

“I have tested Oracle and it has worked for our success. In Lagos State, what we did in effective collaboration with you, has been copied across the states of the Federation”, Mr. Tinubu said.

The president said institutions can only be built with accurate data and effective and reliable cutting-edge data management capabilities. “We can only rely upon our human resources for excellent service delivery to Nigerians if they are well-trained and ready to learn, Tinubu said.

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The president said the transfer of knowledge is essential for the country and the African continent and added that his government is aimed at building the country in a bottom-up approach.

Furthermore, the president expressed concern about the excessive size of the civil service payroll at both the national and sub-national levels. He pointed out that this high wage bill consumes a significant portion of the country’s revenue, making it challenging to fund the much-needed infrastructure development.

Andress Arroyo, the Vice President of Oracle, commended Tinubu for prioritizing the well-being of Nigerians by embarking on this collaboration. He guaranteed that partnering with Oracle would lead to more streamlined governance and improved oversight of the country’s economic activities.

It is hoped that the partnership with Oracle would be as effective as it was in Lagos State and the immediate benefits Nigerians would benefit from it.

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