Famall Can Finance Dreams, No Matter How Bad An Economy Looks – Shery Grace

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Shery Grace said Famall is new in Nigeria, therefore, the right time to invest in it is now.

Abuja, Nigeria – Mediaage NG News – Global Director of leading daily consumables and supplements product company, Famall International, Shery Grace on Saturday said the supplement product company is one that can finance the dream of anyone, no matter how bad an economy of a nation is.

She disclosed this in an organised Business Summit in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

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While revealing that the company carries along all categories of persons in the business, despite different backgrounds, religion, levels of income and different professions, she said the company pays and empowers users for patronising the products. “You don’t need to bring people before you are paid, you get your money immediately after getting our products. Famall is new and the right time to be involved with the company is now”, Mrs. Grace said.

“You can’t expect a different result, practicing old things. Our mindset can propel greatness or keep you stagnant. The vision you have, determines the kind of places you go to. Famall can finance your dreams. The kind of life you want to live, determines the kind of risks you take.

“Famall is big enough to accommodate your dreams. It produces its products and transports them to our warehouses for instant delivery to consumers”, she added.

Famall will never go out of market

Barrister Mispa Awasum, one of the leaders of Famall in Africa, said the company whose production of products cuts across all sectors including health, household items, consumables, clothing, shoes, footwears, amongst others, said Famall provides a multi-level marketing that makes one operate like an investor.

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“When you buy from Famall, you get paid. Famall is centred on a family basis, making the most of average families consume the products”, Barrister Awasum said.

She further enumerated on the benefits the products have on the body, “it restores your skin. When you use the Aleo Vera Gel, you look good”, she stated.

“The products are organic and the process of making these products from the beginning to the end is made visible for all to see.

“Famall will never go out of market and it is wise to identify with an establishment that cannot go out of market”, she added.

Another of the company’s leaders, Emmanuel Onwubuariri said the products from Famall are certified for both Christians and Muslims. He also said some of the foods consumed by people or activities they engaged in, contribute to the illnesses they suffer. However, he displayed products from the company that can help cure these diseases.

Jennifer Onyechefula described the company as gift to mankind. The company she said has an established presence in over thirty countries, cutting across different continents including Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia.

“The company aims to become a global service provider, with a mission to unite and make great achievements and strive for a better life. Famall aims to provide millions of families with better quality products at better prices”, she said.

One of the testifiers, Mrs. Chinyere has risen to the position of a supervisor and a service centre, despite joining the company in August, 2023. Beside an improved living it has afforded her, she said the products from the company have helped normalised her sugar level and cured her of diabetes. She and other testifiers are now qualified for a trip to Turkey.

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