Kano’s Hisbah Police In Search Of Tik Tok Influencers

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Hisbah is an islamic police in Kano State.

KANO, Mediaage NG News – An Islamic police in Kano State, Nigeria are looking for six persons who are popular TikTokers for posting contents they described as indecent and unIslamic on the social media.

The police known as the Kano State Hisbah Corps, said the TikTokers had failed to comply with earlier orders to minimise their contents.

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Some muslim clerics had accused the influencers of sexual indecency, like selling of aphrodisiacs aimed at increasing sexual libido. They say some of the social media influencers dance in provocative ways.

Aminu Daurawa said he had a meeting with the creators last September and that they had agreed to abide by Islamic guidelines in their videos.

“If we get them we won’t be charging them in court just yet, but will make them sign agreements to uphold Islamic values”, Mr Aminu Daurawa, an Islamic scholar said. He looked visibly upset by the activities of the influencers.

He said the tik tokers who are been tracked could be taken to court by the Hisbah police.

“We don’t know where they are at the moment and we are looking for information on where to find them”, he said.

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