National Pledge Must Be Recited At All Public Events – Presidency

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President Bola Tinubu.

Mediaage NG News – ABUJA, Nigeria

Nigerians are henceforth ordered to recite the national pledge at all official and public functions in the country.

This is according to the President of the country, Bola Tinubu who also said it’s to ensure “absolute respect for the national symbols, strengthen allegiance and fidelity to country, and to preserve Nigeria’s ethos and defining character”.

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In a statement from the Presidency, the aim is to respect national values, promote the nation’s ideals, and abide by its established norms.

“Everyone of us loves victory. We love to win. When you are positive and you are hopeful, Nigeria is winning”, presidential spokesperson, Ajuri Ngelale said in a statement on Thursday.

The national pledge should be recited after the national anthem, calling on every Nigerian to be faithful and loyal to their country.

Nigeria is currently battling increased communal clashes amid tension between the northern and southern parts of the country.

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